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About us

Meye protect is made up of a team of experts passionate about IT security across Africa and around the world, all working to guarantee optimum security for users worldwide


Who are we ?

Meye Protect is a company specializing in cybersecurity solutions for individuals and businesses, our team of experts passionate about IT security work tirelessly to protect our customers from online threats, with proven experience in the field, we understand the risks and challenges facing organizations and users today.
We work closely with our customers to evaluate their specific needs, develop custom solutions and implement effective strategies. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our clients so they can focus on their growth and success.

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Our commitment to digital security

We combine in-depth expertise, cutting-edge technology and a proactive approach to prevent cyber-attacks, secure sensitive data and guarantee peace of mind for our users.

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Our mission in cybersecurity

At Meye Protect our mission is to create a safer digital world for you and your loved ones, we strongly believe that IT security is essential to protect the privacy and data of our users.

Some key figures

La sécurité absolue de nos clients et partenaires est notre source d'inspiration, nous luttons constamment afin d'assurer la protection de leurs données grâce à des modules de cybersécurité accessibles, robustes et efficaces










Our Management Team

We're a group of young engineers with a passion for cyber defense, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the development of robust, reliable digital solutions.

CEO & Founder

Electronics and IT engineer, cybersecurity expert, artificial intelligence and Big Data researcher, software and IT security applications developer.

Stephane Meye
CEO & Founder

FullStack Developer & CO-Founder

Researcher in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, data analyst, expert in reverse engineering, developer of security software and applications.

Axel Tokam
CO-Founder & FullStack Developer

Network architect & CO-Founder

Network and information systems security researcher, security software developer, and part time data analyst.

CO-Founder & FullStack Developer

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Our Partners

We are honored to collaborate with national organizations such as government departments and cybersecurity industry leaders, working together to ensure that all of our users are protected in a way that is unmatched on the continent.

Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec le programme des Nations Unies pour le développement, PNUD
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec Microsoft
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec Ministère de la Défense du Cameroun, MINDEF
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec Logitech cameroun
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec PocketRecovery, pocket recovery cameroun
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec ENIX computer
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec fly cameroun



They know they can rely on the antivirus leader in Africa to protect what is most important to them.



Many businesses in Africa and worldwide regardless of industry and size, choose Meye Protect antivirus to ensure the protection of their computers and banking transactions.