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Ideal for professional use

An ideal tool for professional environments, whether you are a large organization or a professional worker Meye Protect guarantees secure browsing and better protection of your data.



Full support and protection for your company's data

For a secure company in a constantly evolving digital world, data protection, network protection, applications and security awareness are the four essential pillars to be reinforced.


Secure Internet Browsing

Guarantee your team members a private and secure browsing experience against malicious attacks.


Sensitive data protection

Automatically scans and removes potentially infected files that pose a major risk to your personal data, such as pdfs and other documents.


USB port protection

Allows you to scan, lock and protect your ports, making them inaccessible to the possible attackers.


Intelligent analysis

Detect and prevent malicious attacks using artificial intelligence and advanced mathematical algorithms.


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Awarded and recognized by international organizations to offer you the best solution in cybersecurity

Over the past few years, the effectiveness of Meye Protect antivirus has been widely recognized and attributed by governmental institutions and international organizations.

Protection tailored to your business needs

Meye Protect offers customized protection to meet your company's specific needs. Based on an in-depth assessment of your infrastructure, data and processes, we implement a security strategy tailored to your needs.

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Our Partners

We are honored to collaborate with national organizations such as government departments and cybersecurity industry leaders, working together to ensure that all of our users are protected in a way that is unmatched on the continent.

Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec le programme des Nations Unies pour le développement, PNUD
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec Microsoft
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec Ministère de la Défense du Cameroun, MINDEF
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec Logitech cameroun
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec PocketRecovery, pocket recovery cameroun
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec ENIX computer
Meye Protect Antivirus en partenariat avec fly cameroun



They know they can rely on the antivirus leader in Africa to protect what is most important to them.



Many businesses in Africa and worldwide regardless of industry and size, choose Meye Protect antivirus to ensure the protection of their computers and banking transactions.